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 We will not accept reservations except for full time members, who may reserve 30 minutes prior to arrival.   

~ On Target Management

Welcome to On Target

On Target Maryland shooting range is the leading regional gun club in the Baltimore Washington Metro area.  The gun range features an environmentally friendly 25 yard indoor shooting facility with 16 shooting positions.  As a distinguished gun club, On Target offers affordable gun range memberships that accommodate both novice and avid shooting enthusiasts.

In addition to the shooting range facilities, On Target provides gun rentals that are for use exclusively on our indoor shooting range. With over 70 different types of guns that can be used onsite, we feature one of the largest selections of rental handguns for range use.  On Target allows you, the shooter, to explore the world of guns without limits on make, model, and selection.

At On Target Maryland shooting range, you can’t miss.