Delivery Status of Pre Oct 1 Purchases

Federal Court Hearing 10-1-13

A hearing was held in the U. S. District Court on October 1 on Plaintiffs' request for a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) holding that the S.B. 281 Gun Law was unconstitutional. The Judge ruled that the facts alleged did not support the TRO being requested and denied the Motion.

 There were two cases. The first one challenged the constitutionality of the Assault Weapons Ban (AWB) and the maximum magazine capacity of 10 rounds. The second case deals separately with the Handgun Qualifications License (HQL) and the requirement of fingerprinting. The Court granted Plaintiffs the opportunity to amend their lawsuit to correct certain deficiencies related to jurisdiction. It is fair to assume that following the amendment a ruling will issue.

 The lack of success in obtaining a TRO does not come as a surprise. It is incredibly difficult to convince a Court to issue a TRO in any case.

 In view of the absence of clear direction from the Court on this issue and the severe penalties associated with a violation of this law which is now in effect, On Target will be unable to deliver previously purchased regulated firearms unless the purchaser has first obtained an HQL. The staff of On Target will be available to guide its customers through the process of applying for the HQL that must be done by computer. Prior to applying you will need to complete an HQL Training Course, be electronically fingerprinted and State and FBI records check obtained. If you presently or previously have owned a regulated handgun, are a military veteran or are included in several other categories you may be exempt from the HQL Training Course. This will speed up your application process.

 On Target is in the process of organizing a qualified HQL Training Course to be conducted at our range.

October 1, 2013                                                 On Target, Inc.