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Gun Safety Course


On Target also offers a three hour non-certificate Basic Handgun Safety Class designed for the person with little or no firearm experience. Reservations and prepayment of the $50 fee are required, class size is limited and is completed in one day.  Due to lack of enrollees, future classes have been canceled.  If you are interested, please leave your name and phone number and when a sufficient number have indicated interest, a class will be scheduled. 


If you plan on purchasing a handgun in Maryland in the next 5 years you will be required to complete the HQL Course unless you are exempt.  Once you have completed the HQL course and obtained your License, it is valid for all purchases of regulated handguns in Maryland for the following 5 years.  Everything covered in the Basic Course is also covered in the HQL Course.

The Basic Course includes two hours of classroom instruction and one hour on the range with the instructor. Eye and ear protection, two targets, and the use of a range gun are also included. Ammunition is extra and will be paid for the night of the class. If you have your own gun, you may bring your own ammunition; if you use an On Target range gun, you must use our ammunition. Cost of ammunition will vary depending on the selected caliber. The class covers basic safety, types of handguns and their operation, Maryland law concerning transportation and storage, cleaning, basics of ammunition, and basic marksmanship. For dates and times, call 410-551-7777 or 301-621-7777.