Firearm Safety Act of 2013

Welcome to On Target's web site.  Please take a few minutes of your time to review some of the dramatic changes that are about to occur as a result of the Firearm Safety Act of 2013 that was enacted by the Maryland Legislature this year.


On October 1 it will become considerably more difficult and expensive to purchase a firearm in Maryland.  You, the purchaser, will be required to obtain a Handgun Qualification License that is already being referred to as an HQL, from the Maryland State Police by submitting an application, a set of electronic fingerprints, a state and federal criminal records check and, unless you are exempt,  complete a 4 hour safety training course.  These items will add an additional $104.50, plus the cost of the training course if needed, to the cost of your first purchase in order to obtain this HQL that will be valid for 10 years.  This Application must be submitted to MSP by the purchaser via computer.

On and after October 1 all dealers will be required to obtain a copy of your HQL number before selling you a firearm. Many firearms that are available for purchase now will be banned from sale on October 1.  If you already own a firearm that is banned you will still be allowed to keep it.

If you are currently interested in buying a handgun, after October 1st you will be limited to those with magazines that hold no more than 10 rounds of ammunition.  Many semi-automatic handguns now being manufactured are designed with magazines that hold more than 10 rounds.  Many rifles now available and classified as “Assault Weapons” will be banned from sale in Maryland after October 1.  However, a “grandfather” provision in the law does provide that those “Assault Weapons” ordered before October 1 can be delivered after October 1.

On Target has a substantial inventory of firearms that fit the above description.  If you are a first time gun purchaser and wish to avoid the requirement of attending the safety training course required by the law, you may become exempt by purchasing your firearm before October 1.  With that purchase, you will receive, at no cost, the Handgun Safety Course provided by On Target that includes actual live firing on our indoor range.

If you wish to apply for an HQL  from the Maryland State Police, On Target has arranged with a company to provide our customers with the fingerprinting and the records search required by law.  On Target will have computers available for the preparation and filing of the Application for your use without charge when you come in to be fingerprinted.   A reservation for this service can be made at our store by pre-paying, in cash, $54.50 to book your appointment.  At that time we will be happy to show you our large inventory of guns currently available for purchase and that can be delivered to you in 8 days.

On Target is offering this service without charge to assist our customers in complying with this new law.  We appreciate your business over the last 31 years.  Please check back periodically as this message will be updated when new information is obtained.