Updated Notice Regarding Deliveries

Delivery of Pre October 1 Purchases

   Intensive research has been conducted since our last Update and we are now prepared to resume delivery of regulated firearms purchased by September 30.

   The conflict between the position of the Attorney General's office and the State Police has been resolved and the State Police have affirmed their Advisory dated September 24.

   It is important to us that the law be followed - whether we like it or not.  The possible penalties to both the customer and the selling dealer for violating this law certainly makes us take notice.  We are comfortable that the MSP Advisory is the controlling document to which we should refer in making our decision.

   Our staff has been great in working overtime to meet the last minute demands of our customers.  They need a rest so we will be lightly staffed this weekend in order to keep the range open.

   On Monday, October 6 we will begin delivering all sales prior to October 1 that have completed the 7 day waiting period and who have not been Disallowed or had a Hold placed on their paperwork.   Please try to arrive by 8 p.m. so that our staff can get home at a reasonable hour.  The doors will be locked at 9 p.m. and everyone in the store at that time will be served.

   Even if you are a first time purchaser, you may exempt yourself from the training requirement of the Handgun Qualification License (HQL).  You will still need to be electronically fingerprinted prior to submitting your application for your HQL for any additional purchases in the next 10 years.  It will still be necessary to file a Form 77R with each purchase and have your background check be brought up to date.  The 7 day waiting period will also be required. We will be arranging for fingerprinting to be done at our facility in the near future.  If that interests you, please leave your contact information with us.

   When you are ready to submit your application for your HQL we will be happy to make our computer available and provide assistance if needed.

October 5,2013                                                           On Target, Inc.